Highlights: The January New York Tech Meetup


The New York Tech Meetup has long been an event in higher demand than its physical location allows. With enough members to fill a stadium (29,000+) and a seating capacity of 850 at NYU’s Skirball Center, where the event is held usually on the first Tuesday of the month, you’d better snap up a ticket as soon as they come on sale if you want to be in the same room as the presenters. However, the NY Tech Meetup has surmounted this classically New York problem by simulcasting it (courtesy of MLB) at various locations, including New Work City and the Stamford Innovation Center. This month’s event was also streamed through Bloomberg’s terminals to their subscribers for the first time, reaching an even wider audience.

Here are the highlights:

Disaster Remote Response – an app that allows remote volunteers to provide helpful information in real-time before/during/after a disaster to the people affected by it most. Also worth mentioning that this app took first place in the November Hacksgiving run by Hack’ n Jill against impressive competition.

Voluntarily – a real-time app to help volunteer canvassers and relief organizations collect data and communicate with individuals in disaster areas, especially where there are language barriers. This app also competed in the November Hacksgiving and won a prize for best API use.

For the comedic portion of the evening, HeTexted gives dating advice to real people in real-time. Having doubts about whether or not your latest honey is really into you? HeTexted provides on-call access to an assortment of bros who’ll give you the brutally honest assessment that your friends can’t or won’t. And if the bros give you an answer you don’t like, then why not crowdsource your angst-filled wonderings? SheTexted coming soon, not to worry.

Nate Westheimer, New York Tech Meetup, addresses the audience

Our personal favorite: CouchCachet allows you to up your social status without all the bother of actually having to be social. Download the app and it will provide you with a list of parties/events/cool bars/concerts going on near you. Then all you have to do is check in on Foursquare to the ones you like and voila! You can finally be the social butterfly you’d like people to believe you are, without ever having to leave the comfort of your Snuggie. Finally, you can take full advantage of the City That Never Sleeps while you’re at home, snoozing away.

Maker’s Row is reviving Made in America. Presenter Matthew Burnett is an industrial designer who used to outsource his work overseas – which presented as many problems as it solved. Enter Maker’s Row, a new online marketplace to bring American designers and manufacturers together – and helps to solve the steps in between as well. Although they’re being tight-lipped about further development, the founders (Burnett, Tanya Menendez and Scott Weiner) made it clear that they will be expanding into other verticals. Definitely a company to watch.

Startup Sherpaa makes health care affordable and accessible to you and your company. They provide doctors on call 24/7, phone or email, to help out with your medical issues, emergency or not. Founded by doctors and HR professionals, the company specializes in matching startups with their best-fit health insurance plans. Note: They will prescribe medications, but not the kind that require triplicate forms, so don’t even think about it.

Karma is a mobile provider that bills itself as the first social hotspot, allowing you to share your bandwidth with people around you – and get points/additional data for your generosity. It works with phones, laptops and tablets.

Goldrun uses augmented reality to create and share photos – with virtual content that you’ve created. Clients have included Bloomingdales/NBC and NY Giants Virtual Superbowl Ring.

Finally, 10gen, the good people who brought you MongoDB, were there to present their latest and greatest development for the hardcore tech part of the evening, lest we forget that’s an important piece of the industry landscape. And which was the natural segue to networking and drinking…after ten presentations we could all use a drink.

And congratulations to Nate Westheimer, NYTM Executive Director, who just marked his fourth anniversary in the position. He didn’t celebrate the occasion by investing in a better cap, however. Perhaps one of the city’s fashion-tech meetups would consider some outreach?

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