Pulse of the Alley – Bobby Gill, CEO of Blue Label Labs


Mobile World Congress is starting this week but there is no reason to travel to Barcelona.  AlleyWatch has you covered. Today we speak with, Bobby Gill, Founder and CEO of Blue Label Labs, a mobile development lab building apps.


What is your take on the startup scene in NYC today?

It’s a very promising scene, especially for innovators in mobile technology. The post-PC revolution is completely changing how people consume media and interact with each other. This greenfield opportunity, combined with New York’s urban density and deep capital base, make it a breeding ground for mobile technology companies creating services and networks designed for an increasingly device-centric world.

What do you see happening over the next three to five years?

As the initial wave of NYC-based startups (Foursquare, ZocDoc, etc) begins to IPO, we should see a second wave of startups emerge from these companies’ successes. Much like what happened in Silicon Valley in the early 1980’s, as these companies mature, we’ll see people leave to start their own entrepreneurial ventures. Furthermore, investments the city is making in technical education, coupled with the increasing engineering footprint of established players like Google and Facebook, mean that in three to five years the city should have a wider base of engineering talent for startups to draw upon.

What do you think the challenges are?

The challenges that face the New York tech scene mirror that of the entire country: a shortage of technical talent. U.S. schools are not producing nearly enough qualified graduates in the applied sciences, which, combined with the country’s restrictive immigration policies, means that a small pool of talent is being courted by an ever increasing number of opportunities. We need these people to come here and drive the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship forward. Without qualified tech people coming to the city, Silicon Alley will simply putter out.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

Blue Label Labs is a mobile development lab based in New York and Seattle. We build apps. In addition to our stable of mobile apps, which include Bahndr and Dani’s List, we serve as an on-demand engineering firm that helps companies across the world bring their ideas to life as mobile apps.

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