Pulse of the Alley – Julie Frederickson, CEO of playAPI


Today, we speak with Julie Fredrickson, Co-Founder & CEO of playAPI, a platform for creating social games and applications for brands to leverage their social followings.


What is your take on the current scene in New York today?

When Phil and I started our first company, Coutorture Media, in 2006 there were very few sibling companies based in the city. Media and fashion are vibrant industries in New York, but we were probably one of only a handful of companies tackling fashion tech or new media at the time. There were no meetups (for fashion tech), no established players and very few angels and investors focused on our space. Now New York is packed with incumbents, established players, and diverse investors. Amazing how much can change in less than a decade!

What do you see happening over the next 3-5 years?

We believe the biggest opportunities exist in leveraging new technologies and entrepreneurial thinking to industries that are already vibrant in New York.

What do you see as challenges?

The investor and general venture capital community has little to no domain experience in the industries that crave innovation the most. Entire industries, like marketing, are virtually untouched and the real opportunities often don’t fit neatly into the categories that make the traditionalists comfortable.

A playAPI branded application

playAPI is our second start up in New York, so we are passionate advocates of the city as a home base. We are major also advocates of the creative industries such as fashion and advertising, and we are committed to serving the wider marketing community by improving agency and publisher margins while delivery a product that helps brands tell the stories that create customers for them.

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