50 Fantastic Free Tools For Startups


The right tools can make a huge difference to your ability to run your startup and life. There used to be a time that great software cost more than most entrepreneurs could afford. No more. A highly competitive and innovative market has led to many companies using ‘freemium’ strategies to recruit customers, resulting in a proliferation of fantastic free tools.

This guide contains 50 of the best that we have come across. Whether you are looking for something to help you create amazing presentations, manage your finances and projects or raise your startup’s profile, we’ve got it covered. Some are completely free (often open source) and some are a free ‘lite version’ with a premium paid version available. We also included a few extra paid tools that we came across just because they are so cool and useful and worth every cent (most come with free trials).

Finally, some of the products we use, have used or have tested. Some, our clients, colleagues and friends have recommended. Others are award winning and some just have great reviews. We hope you find this guide useful as we have.

50 fantastic free tools for startups

Reprinted by permission.

About the author: Martin Soorjoo

Founder of The Pitch Clinic, Martin Soorjoo is a pitch strategist. He coaches entrepreneurs world-wide, helping them launch and raise funding. Prior to founding The Pitch Clinic, Martin spent 15 years as a former award winning attorney. He has worked with start-ups and investors, including senior investment bankers, venture capitalists and angel investors. During this period Martin raised several million dollars, including negotiating one deal worth $75 Million. This experience has equipped him with unique insights into the challenges start-ups face and how investors make decisions. He is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an expert in body language.

Martin is the author of ‘Here’s the Pitch‘.

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