Made in NY™ – Mark Cooper, Founder of Offerpop


Today, we sit down with Mark Cooper, a founder of Offerpop, an easy to use social marketing platform.


Mark Cooper, Founder Offerpop

What does “Made in NY” mean to you and your company?

“Made in NY” describes our history and our future. My two co-founders and I have launched a few startups over the last couple decades – all based here in New York. When it came to launching Offerpop, we never questioned New York would be our home.

Being based in New York not only gives us easy access to thought leaders, but it also ensures we can recruit, partner and sell to the most creative people in the world. Not just folks in tech – though the technology represented here is impressive – but the most respected consumer brands, agencies, public institutions, artists and entertainment brands. It’s an inclusive rather than an insular scene, and we wanted to be an inclusive company. “Made in NY” means being competitive, creative and diverse.

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NY” campaign?

It’s already such a great campaign and concept. But to keep it fresh, we need to not only show off the size of our startup community, but also the breadth of products and services. The number of categories our startups touch is incredible. This isn’t a cluster of “me too” companies; these startups are changing the way we market, publish, create, educate, eat, meet, travel…the list goes on and on.

We also need to show how all these startups are interconnecting. There’s a surprising amount of collaboration taking place in NY. In the end, it’s the pooling of all that creative and inventive talent that’s going to make our community stand out.

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

In order to thrive, entrepreneurship needs a culture of innovation: a community of passionate people sharing their knowledge and ideas. Organizations like Made in NY, Digital Dumbo, and General Assembly have already done much to foster collaboration and education in the New York tech community. In order to develop it further, we’ll need more education and sharing of resources.

To push it further, we entrepreneurs need to spend more time nurturing New York’s startup culture – providing ways for newcomers to network with people in the industry, giving back to the community, and doing more to educate our legislators about effective policies that’ll promote startup culture, like low cost healthcare for entrepreneurs.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

We really see ourselves as the backbone of social marketing in NY. We already power campaigns for a lot of great local startups like Birchbox, Rent the Runway, and Etsy. And many early-stage startups use us as well. So our mission is to help NY businesses thrive on all the major social media platforms – one of the reasons we recently started a monthly Social Marketers NYC meetup.

My co-founders and I have been in the “Silicon Alley” scene since the early days, when there wasn’t as much of a scene to speak of. We’re thrilled to see how fast it’s grown, and we want to do what we can to keep it going.

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