Pulse of the Alley – Ashok Kamal, CEO of Bennu


Today we speak with Ashok Kamal, CEO and Founder of Bennu, a green social media marketing company.


Ashok Kamal
CEO and Founder of Bennu

The tech scene in NYC is maturing and distinguishing itself from other markets by producing more wins and focusing on different verticals. New York City is a unique ecosystem of startups, financial institutions and investors, large companies and universities. It makes for a hotbed of opportunity.

What do you see happening over the next 3-5 years?

I think there will be more integration between the private sector, government and schools. The downside to NYC’s recent tech boom is that there is company clutter. How many crowdfunding sites can we support?

We need to be more efficient. One of the ways to ensure more successful startups is to seed technologies in universities and then work with entrepreneurs and larger companies to commercialize the products. New programs such as CornellNYCTech and existing programs such as the NYU-Poly Incubator help distribute the risk and better prepare startups for the marketplace.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

I hope NYC will emerge as a community that creates meaningful companies that promote positive change. With all our diversity, culture and talent, we can be the social enterprise capital. But we need more Kickstarters and Catchafires.

As a social entrepreneur, I want to solve problems that impact the world. My company, Bennu, helps our clients create not only financial value, but also environmental and social benefits. We employ strategies such as gamification to make sustainability fun and rewarding for companies and their stakeholders. The key is leveraging technology, such as mobile apps, to change behavior and create a greener, healthier and more just world.

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