Pulse of the Alley – Melchior Scholler, Co-Founder of Poutsch


Today we speak wtith Melchior Schöller, one of the Co-Founders of Poutsch, a startup that facilitates the expression, collection and understanding of opinions. Poutsch recently relocated from Paris to NYC.


What is your take on the startup scene in NYC today?

We just came to NYC from Europe, where we had started the project. From day one we were extremely surprised by the quantity of young startups, like us, which were moving to New York. There is definitely a strong ecosystem here in the city.

What do you see happening over the next three to five years?

I suppose New York is going to attract more and more talented people from other cities and abroad, but also more local people moving from other industries into tech. Cornell’s campus is also going to play a role in shaping the New York Tech industry. I personally hope that Cornell is going to create a lot of porosity within the startup community, open up resources and create a strong culture of entrepreneurship among its engineers.

What do you think the challenges are?

Access to exposure, capital and talent are everyone’s challenges, but I think that New York has its own very unique challenge: maintaining a collegial style within its community. It’s great to see big startups helping small ones and unique figures like Rachel Haot, who’s done a lot to put New York at the top of the list for tech cities.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

We’re one of the new babies to the startup scene that are popping up every week. We would obviously love to become the useful uncle in the NYC tech family, but the focus right now is to get out our different products and meet the huge demand we see in opinion aggregation and analysis. That said, we’re happy to help other startups with their Europe-related problems. That’s where we come from so it’s probably where we fit in the ecosystem for now.

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