Pulse of the Alley – Viktor Marohnić of Shoutem


Today we speak with Viktor Marohnić, the Co-Founder and CEO of ShoutEm, a mobile app creation platform.

What is your take on the startup scene in NYC today?

Having come from Europe and spent some time in London/UK, I must say that NYC is one of the friendliest cities for entrepreneurs from around the world that are trying to build companies in the US market. From day one I felt at home and welcome. The tech scene is growing and co-working spaces, like WeWork Labs where we’re members, are really great places to build your startup.      

What do you see happening over the next three to five years?

I expect that NYC will see some startups have major success comparable to that of west coast success stories. And I expect these founders will start giving back to their communities more and more. NYC startups are more design savvy and I think that will become a trademark of the startup scene here.

What do you think the challenges are?

That west coast VC’s are more aggressive than NYC based VC’s and this will reduce the number of startups backed by local VC money.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

We are a mobile app platform with a “sister” company of more than forty mobile developers and more than ten years in app development, beginning in the days of Palm OS. There is a huge need for mobile developers in NYC and we fill that gap very nicely. We’ve already helped a number of startups to launch their mobile apps and are also in the process of launching several apps on the ShoutEm platform for fellow startups in WeWork Labs.

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