Social Media Predictions From Dell


Last month, Dell released an eBook on Slideshare highlighting the 2013 Social Media Predictions from notable experts like Ann HandleyGeoff LivingstonLee OddenPaul GillinRay WangRohit BhargavaShel Israel and many others. The polled experts predicted several changes in some of these key areas:

    • Facebook and Twitter were absent from the experts’ list of social networks primed for growth.
    • Making the list of networks likely to grow, the team consistently identified LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slideshare and…Myspace (the new one).
    • The biggest opportunity for businesses in 2013 is to be a social business, not simply a business in social.

Reprinted by Permission.

About the author: Michael Brito

Michael Brito is a Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning at Edelman Digital. He helps his clients transform their organizations to be more open, collaborative and socially proficient; with the end result of creating shared value with employees, partners and customers. Prior to Edelman, Michael worked for Intel and Hewlett Packard in various social media marketing roles. Opinions posted here are his own.

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