6 Startups That Help You Eat Well


In a city with so many great food options, eating well should be a non-issue. However, when you divide your day between the office, networking events and your bed, that candy bar from last Halloween that you shoved to the back of your desk drawer can start to resemble a reasonable dinner choice. And let’s not forget the never-ending pizza and beer buffet that seems to be a mainstay at all the evening events, because pizza three times a week is totally healthy when it’s touching something green, and beer has all those minerals in it…maybe? So how do you eat well when you’re always on the go? Here are 6 startups that’ll help you digest the problem:

1) HealthyOut

Finally a food app that understands that, no matter how much advice we get on healthy vegetables you can find in the grocery store, some of use just can’t or won’t go shopping. HealthyOut gives you information on local restaurants that match your diet and nutrition needs. They recently demoed at Blueprint Health Demo Days. While currently only covering San Francisco Bay area restaurants and national food chains, we can only hope that HealthyOut will focus on New York next. You can find their free app on the iTunes store.

2) MyFitnessPal

Sometimes eating right is just being reminded that one sugar is better than two. MyFitnessPal, the calorie counter and food tracker app for iPhone and Android, can help you to eat better by educating you on the caloric content of the foods you eat daily and setting calorie limits that will help you lose weight. Be sure to also check out The Eatery, an app that lets you track what you eat through pictures and makes recommendations on improving your eating habits.

3) Fooducate

We all know the confusion that the cereal aisle can produce. Rows of glossy boxes with bright, pretty pictures that are fun to look at, while the nutrition facts read a bit like a high school chemistry textbook. Fooducate saves you the hassle of reading fine print when hungry, with an app for iPhone and Android that compares similar items in a grocery store to determine which really is the best choice for your health. Their competitor, ShopWell, is also worth  looking into if you have dietary restrictions and need tailored health recommendations.

4) Farmigo

You know what’s even better than the farmers market? Not having to get up at 8am on a Saturday because the farmers market delivers to your job! Farmigo connects farmers with communities like workplaces, community centers and schools that can order and receive fresh produce within 48 hours of harvest. They’ll soon have a NYC local competitor, Urbavour.

5) Zipongo

We all like a good deal and are too often confronted with the buy-one-get-one hotdog dilemma. Finally, an app that offers us deals on healthy food, Zipongo learns about your food preferences and dietary restrictions and offers you digital coupons for foods that fit your needs without wrecking your body.

6) Blue Apron

For those of us who think a home cooked meal is a package of ramen with an egg cracked in it, Blue Apron offers a delivery service that sends you ingredients and instructions for preparing three homemade meals each week. With rates of $9.99 per person, per meal you’ll eat well without breaking the bank and your leftovers will never have to get to know the subway.

Are there any great healthy-eating startups we missed? Let us know in the comments.


About the author: Caitlin L. Conner

Caitlin L. Conner is an experienced project manager with roots in the games industry. She’s earned credits in production management, game design and quality assurance testing for ten published titles spanning the casual and MMORPG genres.

At AlleyWatch, Caitlin focuses on editorial content, writer coordination, and time and resource management. She also contributes writing on gaming and women in tech.

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