In Boston, Humanity Prevails


Our hearts go out to the city of Boston and to those who were affected by the violence of yesterday’s bombings. We as New Yorkers, who live in a city that also suffered an attack, know how difficult it is and how incomprehensible it all seems. Here is the link to Google’s Boston person finder and we sincerely hope that you and yours are safe. What struck us is that, amid the horror and the mayhem of yesterday’s bombings, and despite the uncertainty of not knowing whether more bombs would go off (several more were later found, undetonated), people ran towards the screams to help their fellow man. Nothing justifies an act of such wanton violence, and in the horror of such sudden devastation, one would think that the first reaction would be to flee. That did not happen yesterday in Copley Square.

It was a sunny day in Boston. It was the day of the Boston Marathon: Patriot’s Day, commemorating the start of the American Revolution, and a day when strangers come together to cheer on strangers. Yesterday, strangers came together to help strangers. Doctors who were on hand to treat dehydration tended to the wounded and performed triage for those who were more seriously injured. Marathon runners changed course and ran towards local hospitals to donate blood.

In a civilized society, humanity prevails.


About the author: Bonnie Halper

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