Made in NY™ – Ben Uretsky, CEO of DigitalOcean


Today, we speak with Ben Uretsky, CEO of DigitalOcean, the web infrastructure developer and cloud hosting company.



Ben Uretsky

What does “Made in NYTM” mean to you and your company?

Apart from the ability to get great pizza any time of the day, being “Made in NYTM” really motivates DigitalOcean.  Our goal is to build the simplest cloud, an accessible VPS that can be spun up quickly and is flexible enough for all startup uses.  New York is a fast-paced and competitive city.  As a “Made in NYTM” company, we are hoping to bring a friendlier approach to the hosting game.

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NYTM” campaign?

The “Made in NYTM” campaign is doing a great job raising awareness about the New York tech industry through its on and offline marketing campaign.  To keep startups informed and help them network, they also host the massive New York Tech Meetup, which sells out of tickets in under a minute.  As the demand for more official tech events grows, “Made in NYTM” could expand their campaign even further by filling that need and providing more venues for local technology professionals to network.

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

Starting a business requires money.  The local New York government can promote early stage entrepreneurship by providing economic assistance to new, cash-strapped startups.  Supplying funding to new tech venture businesses would additionally protect those same startups from expensive VC money that, instead of helping a startup with its funds, preys on it.  As the expanding New York tech scene already proves, local startups repay investment by adding more businesses and job opportunities to New York.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

At the base, as a hosting provider, we are working on providing the simplest cloud possible.  As both the New York tech scene and the individual companies that compose it scale, we see ourselves as the hosting provider that will keep local New York startups online and flourishing.

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