Made in NY™ – Jonathan Ages, CEO of Blood, Sweat & Cheers


Today, we sit down with Jonathan Ages, Founder and Editor of Blood, Sweat & Cheers, a website dedicated to helping you find cool ways to spend your free time, either with exercise or a beer.


Jonathan Ages, CEO of Blood, Sweat, & Cheers

What does “Made in NY™” mean to you and your company?

I’m Canadian.  I came to New York City for grad school and to get a taste of the American Dream.  It’s been an exhausting, 7-year struggle to stay here — 3 of the magazines I worked at shuttered, and getting an entrepreneur visa is a lot harder than getting a taxi in Midtown during rush hour.  It’s been a crazy journey.  But it’s totally worth it!

As for the company, the only way Blood, Sweat & Cheers can make it in the media business is if we work with the best publishers, advertisers and entrepreneurs in the world.  And we do that here.  Being in NYC has helped us grow to more than 50,000 daily subscriptions.  It’s also helped us work with Red Bull, New York Magazine and Crunch gyms.  It’s also led to us getting press love from Forbes, CNBC, SHAPE, Glamour and SELF.

Being in NYC has put us on the map!

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NY™” campaign?

Provide heavily discounted programs that help startups understand how to do everything from file their taxes to incorporate correctly to partner intelligently.  Then make it a requirement for businesses that take those programs to proudly feature the “Made in NYTM” logo on their sites and in their PR communications.  Oh, and maybe you could put together a PR campaign that features a different “Made in NYTM” company every month!

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

There are a lot of legal and accounting issues you need to tackle when launching a company.  The success of your company depends on them being done properly.  But they’re also huge distractions from what’s important to your business — growing it into a big, hairy, multi-tentacle beast!

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

What I love most about Bloomberg’s NYC, is that he is transforming the city’s public spaces.  Manhattan has become a fun-filled and active playground.  More than 300 miles of bike lanes now line the city streets, the city is building open-air exercise playgrounds for adults and new sports fields are sprouting up all over the place.

The problem is that most people don’t know about these opportunities to have fun exercising with friends.  New Yorkers are too busy, and they haven’t had a trusted source of recommendations for what to do with their limited free time.

That’s why I started Blood, Sweat & Cheers.  It’s the first daily email for active men and women striving to be fit, be adventurous and make everyday life more fun.

We keep New Yorkers from falling into the work-gym-bar rut by recommending the one essential event, activity, workout or product they need to know about today to make a memorable experience they can share.  And we make it easy to share these things so they can go out, feel healthy, have fun with friends or enjoy more interesting dates.

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