Mark Peter Davis Launches Interplay Ventures, an Incubator/Accelerator Hybrid


Mark Peter Davis recently authored a new book. He’s a Venture Partner at High Peaks. Since he stepped out of the CEO spot at Kohort back in October (although he is still on the Board), you might have been wondering what he’s been doing with all of his spare time…

Yesterday he announced the launch of Interplay, a hybrid incubator, accelerator and investment vehicle.

Interplay will incubate companies the old-fashioned way: grab an idea off the shelf, recruit a CEO, raise money, and launch a new venture. They’ll accelerate companies by having Davis join them as an active advisor, offering guidance and contacts, and leveraging the Interplay marketing and recruiting methodologies to increase the company’s velocity. For companies that aren’t a fit for High Peaks, but are  for Interplay, Davis will make angel investments and offer those companies access to the same resources offered to the venture’s accelerated companies.

Interplay’s current portfolio includes: DevSpark, Founder Shield, Kohort, Physical Platform, ProductGram, Venwise, Nomad Financial, and Warby Parker.

Davis has been named by Business Insider as one of the 100 Most Influential Digital New Yorkers; included in CVC30 – a list of the 30 most interesting members of the Columbia University startup community – and somehow finds the time to write a widely-syndicated blog.

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