Meet a New York TechStar: Alexandre Winter, Founder and CEO of Placemeter


TechStars, the self-described “#1 startup accelerator in the world,” recently announced the 11 startups that were selected for the New York 2013 class from among a field of 1,700+ applicants.  Today, Alexandre Winter, Founder and CEO of Placemeter, a New York-based company that unlocks and analyzes data based on activity in physical places, tells AlleyWatch about his decision to apply to TechStars and shares his thoughts on New York’s startup landscape.


Tell us about the decision to apply for TechStars.

Our decision to apply was originally driven by one of our early mentors, who’s also a mentor at TechStars.  We originally thought we might be a little too old for an incubator, but after a couple of interviews with the folks from TechStars, we quickly realized that this experience could be exciting and valuable.  So, we put all our efforts into the selection process.

Why did you choose TechStars NYC versus other locations?

Placemeter was born in Brooklyn, and our clients are mostly here.  We want to remain part of that vibrant ecosystem.

What is your take on the current scene in New York?

The startup scene here is very vibrant and exciting, and getting more so every day.  We see companies from other cities in the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world come here to build amazing businesses and make it big.  NYC is becoming a startup hub.  After all, it is the second-largest place for VC investments in the United States.

An interesting trend that is reflected in the TechStars NYC 2013 class roster is the shift toward more technology, where the NYC scene was typically more advertising or media-focused.  This goes along with the city’s efforts to build a tech hub here.  As a technologist, I’m very excited about that.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

Our customers are busy retail stores and places ­– no need to point out the obvious fit with the bustle of New York City.  We also have a strong connection with companies that address local businesses, such as Yext or Foursquare.


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