Pulse of the Alley – Sloane Barbour, Regional Director of Jobspring New York


Today we hear from Sloane Barbour, Regional Director of Jobspring New York, a professional technology recruitment and placement agency.


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Sloane Barbour

Our business is specifically focused around helping growth stage companies with Series A or B funding grow their software engineering and technology teams. We have been in NYC for 20 years, and in the last 18-24 months we have gone from 80% enterprise company business to 80% startup/vc funded business. My take on this is that the culture has shifted since the 2008 financial crisis from that of a big company, career focused “climbing the corporate ladder” to get ahead to a full on entrepreneurial war to be first to market with a new product that fills a specific niche. What hasn’t’ changed is the competitive landscape of NYC, which drives people to new levels of performance; eat or be eaten.

What do you see happening over the next 3-5 years?

The talk of a bubble is certainly not without merit, however what we see is a more sustainable approach to investing than in the 1999/2000 dot com bubble. In addition, NYC has a very diverse economy to begin with and it’s not just startups that are leveraging tech. Finance companies, media companies, fashion companies, and everyone in between is hiring and utilizing cutting edge tech to get a strategic advantage against their competitors and identify new revenue streams. I only see this growing as the ecosystem for tech people (especially education, mentorship, etc).

What do you see as challenges?

The biggest challenges are going to be globalization of technology in general. It is expensive to operate a business in NYC, and if the talent shortage continues people will look elsewhere to find their software engineers. Outsourcing is only so good, but it could improve dramatically as communication becomes easier, cheaper etc.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

As a top-tier recruiting agency, we help companies in a growth stage (either series A/B, new product launch, new strategic tech initriateives, etc). All of our clients and candidates are local to NYC and most of them are top tier companies. We have our finger on the pulse of the tech hiring market. Having only done tech placement for 20 years, we have a tremendous amount of data on the major opportunities and challenges surrounding the acquisition of A+ talent in the NYC area.

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