Songza Raises $3.8 Million


Songza, the no-cost, ad-free music streaming service, has raised 3.82 million dollars in funding, according to a recent SEC filing.  While the filing does not reveal specific names, it does note that 27 investors are included in this offering.


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Like Pandora and Spotify, Songza is a cloud-based service.  What gives this app its special edge over competitors is its “Music Concierge” that creates tailor-made playlists based on the day of the week, time of day, the listener’s current mood and specific activities.  The categories range from “Bedtime” or “Doing Housework,” to “Traveling the World,” “Sweaty Dance Party” and “Coachella.”  The list continues with even more detailed and varied scenarios.

Headquartered in Long Island City, NY, Songza is a Made in NYTM company that was created by the same team that founded AmieStreet, the MP3 download store.  After selling AmieStreet to Amazon in 2010, the co-founders, CEO Elias Roman, COO Peter Asbill, CPO Elliott Breece and CCO Eric Davich, shifted their attention to Songza,  developing the music concierge feature, which was officially released in 2011.  According to the website, playlists are created by “an expert team of music critics, DJs, musicians, and musicologists.”

After the launch in September of 2011, Songza had raised an undisclosed amount from Deep Fork Capital, an unnamed strategic investor and Geoff Judge, co-founder of 24/7 Real Media.

Aside from specific activities, Songza also allows users to pick playlists based on genre, decade and culture.  Playlists include “Feelin’ Good in the 90s,” “Songs from Apple Commercials” and “The Ultimate Oldies Party.”  There’s even a section called Record-Store Clerk.  Here, listeners can enjoy “Reggae Beyond Bob Marley,” “Vintage Bachelor Pad” and “Stylish Music for the Fashion Set.”

It’s Monday morning as I write this.  For a boost of energy, Songza’s Music Concierge recommends some commercial indie pop.  “Submarine Symphonika” by The Submarines, “Say Hey” by Michael Franti and Spearhead and “Great is Better” by Rabbit! are included in the playlist.

Songza also includes standard voting capabilities on each song to help recalibrate the playlist according to personal preferences.  The service has apps for the web, iPhone, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

The founders have not revealed what the company will do with this latest funding, but Cloud Cult’s “Lucky Today” has just come up on my playlist, and I imagine that’s how Songza is feeling right about now.

About the author: Jennifer Mottola

Jennifer recently received her MFA in creative writing from Manhattanville College, where she was fiction editor of the school’s literary journal, Inkwell.  She is currently a copy-editing intern for AlleyWatch.

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