The AlleyWatch Event Guide: April 15th-21st


Each week we bring you a handy guide to just a few of the events we think should not be missed. On any given night, there are too many events. You can’t attend all of them and neither should you, unless you’re a career socialite. For the week of April 15-21, here are our suggestions for navigating the scene:

Monday: 4/15/2013

Join ERA, the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and MicroOffice for free beers, conversation and networking. And learn more about ERA’s Summer 2013 program, applications now open!

Tuesday: 4/16/2013

Educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and area experts gather to provide a global EdTech perspective. Panelists include Nick Novak; Head of Customer Operations at Arbor Education, Harlyn Pacheco; CEO of Qlovi, Jay Chakrapani; President of CK-12 Foundation, Justin M. Trupe; Associate Director of IT Apps and Sup at Uncommon Schools.

Women Innovate Mobile hosts this conversation on entrepreneurial communities, venture funding, and more, with Brad Feld; Managing Director of the Foundry Group and Co-Founder of TechStars, and Alessandro Piol; Co-Founder of Vedanta Capital.

A free workshop on interviewing for tech positions, complete with presentations and mock interviews. Avi Flombaum, Dean of the Flatiron School and organizer of NYC on Rails, will kick off the event with a brief presentation on what to expect and how to prepare for an interview.

Wednesday: 4/17/2013

Join Jonathan Perelman of BuzzFeed, Jason Feifer of Fast Company, and Sharad Goel of Microsoft in a discussion on how to define viral, what causes something to go viral, and are the elements of viral content or our reactions to it changing.

Saturday: 4/20/2013-Sunday: 4/21/2013

The New York Technology Council hosts a two-day hackathon focused on solving issues related to improving life on earth and in space. 75 cities around the world will be hosting the hack simultaneously. Developers and Designers can enter to submit projects on four key areas: software, hardware, data visualization, and citizen science. For those not interested in participating in the hack, you can secure a ticket to see the presentations on Sunday between 3 and 5PM.

For more, please visit the full calendar of startup and tech events in New York.

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