The April New York Tech Meet-Up in Review


Nearly every notable new tech company based in New York makes its debut on stage at the 31,000-member Tech Meetup. If we take the meetup as a microcosm of the New York tech landscape, with ten companies each month presenting everything from software to hardware, from analytics to apps, let’s not forget that not every one of them is going to be the next Tumblr. Or even Drop.io. Then again, did you go to Harvard with your buddy Mark Zuckerberg?

The Lineup:

Dining Band is a location and temperature-sensing wristband to assist the blind and visually impaired with finding the food on their plates. Developed by a group of 11th Graders in the MOUSE program, it’s shaped like a watch to appear inconspicuous, and while it can determine where the food is, it doesn’t specify what the food is. Did we mention that they’re a group of 11th Graders?

Ketchup presented at Entrepreneurs Roundtable last week. It’s a new social planning app that helps you organize activities with friends. The app allows users to make agreements/intentions with friends to do activities. The catch? There’s no scheduling or calendars involved. You can contact friends who are expecting to hangout whenever you like. Users will always have a list of social possibilities. And the app does give you the option to ‘flake out.’

Bout is Instagram meets Apples to Apples – a photo-taking game you play with friends. They presented at the New York Games Forum in February. Bout provides the set-up, or you can customize it by inputting your own question/game.

Next Caller is an ‘easy’ way to exchange information over the phone and bypass getting put on hold. Next Caller members have their information/profiles sent to representatives, like an instant message. Because this saves time and money, you skip the hold line. Now, how they do this wasn’t really explained in the demo. Feel free to consult the website.

Sunrise is a free, fast calendar designed to make your life easier and it syncs with Google and Facebook calendars.

Grand St, named after a street in Brooklyn, where the company is based, is a new market and community for creative gadgets and electronics. The company also just raised a $1.3M seed round.

Wun Wun is your on-demand helper. Think taskrabbit that’s app-only, currently in Manhattan only, and the Wuns are all vetted NYU students.

TeuxDeux is a smart little to-do list that’s the closet thing to writing out your list on paper. Unfinished tasks also roll over into the next day. Available for desktop and iPhone, it even gives you a ‘someday’ option. It’s a winner.

Powerclip puts an adapter on a car battery to charge mobile devices in emergency situations. Don’t get excited yet: they’re still working on it, so it’s not currently available commercially.

For those who were present: if the meetup didn’t seem to run as long as it usually does, note that there were only nine presentations rather than the usual ten. We hope the #NYTM sticks to this every month: nine is enough; not everything in tech has to be about ones and zeros.

If you’d like to see what you missed, the link to the video stream is here.

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