What you missed around the web and on AlleyWatch this week – April 1 – April 6


It was another busy week in Silicon Alley and beyond.


In 1973, 40 years ago this week, the first cellphone call was made on 6th Avenue. New York based companies that announced funding this week include Grand Street, Bespoke Post, and the super-stealth travel startup Stayful. According to Crain’s, the city is looking at software that will allow real-time monitoring of cabs.  New York’s emergence as the next destination is not just limited to startups. NBC announced that next year the Tonight Show will be moving back to New York when Jimmy Fallon replaces the retiring host Jay Leno.

Our friends at ER Accelerator held an excellent event earlier this week and the deadline for applications for their upcoming summer class is on April 19th.  You can submit your application here.   If you look at many of the recent sizable fundings in New York, you’ll see that many of these startups are ERA graduates including Bespoke Post, Public Stuff, and Centzy.

More importantly, here is what you missed on AlleyWatch this week:

Conversations with the management of top startups in the Alley:



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