Wow, 71% of Companies Do Not Have a Mobile Customer Care Solution


Obviously, social media has influenced the way the world communicates.  It’s impacting culture, communities and even shifting world governments.  Innovations in technology and consumer behavior are creating new types of social interactions via a variety of communication channels.  This requires a novel way of looking at customer relationship management and customer care.  Trends and technologies evolve rapidly, so it’s important for organizations to track leadership and innovation as it applies to digital customer relationship management.

Engagement is no longer an option; it’s a business imperative.  Now it’s a question of where, why and how to engage.  Whether building communities, creating brand awareness or handling customer complaints, there is no shortage of immediate benefits to engaging with customers.  So it’s surprising that 18% of respondents (according to the study mentioned below) are still determining their approach to social media.  This contrasts with almost half of the respondents who have evolved in their approach and are proactively seeking out and engaging with customers, according to The 2012 Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study by Execs In The Know.

A few interesting insights from the report:

  • 49% use social customer service to actively listen, respond and engage with customers.
  • 52% say that social media is owned by marketing, 28% say public relations and 10% say customer care.
  • 49% say that they have a collaborative organization where support issues are managed.
  • 84% are providing customer care in Facebook, 81% Twitter and 51% in community forums
  • 71% do not have a mobile customer care solution

Download the rest of the report.

Reprinted by permission.

About the author: Michael Brito

Michael Brito is a Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning at Edelman Digital. He helps his clients transform their organizations to be more open, collaborative and socially proficient; with the end result of creating shared value with employees, partners and customers. Prior to Edelman, Michael worked for Intel and Hewlett Packard in various social media marketing roles. Opinions posted here are his own.

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