Made in NY™ — Claire Mazur, Co-Founder of Of a Kind


Today, we speak with Claire Mazur, Co-Founder of Of a Kind, a curated e-commerce and fashion website that features limited-edition products and the stories of emerging designers.



Claire Mazur
Of a Kind

What does “Made in NYTM” mean to you and your company?

Being in New York gives us immediate access to the center of all of the industries that we rely on: fashion, media and tech.  It’s one of the most creative and exciting cities in the world, and the people we meet and the projects we get to be a part of have enabled our business to grow in really exciting ways.

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NYTM” campaign?

At Of a Kind, we’ve seen the incredible power of storytelling, and I think it can be applied to the “Made in NYTM” campaign in a similarly effective way.  I’d love to hear personal stories about more New York companies.  Not just how they got started, but how they run, what their hiring strategies are and what their office cultures are like.

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

I think having more funders, and a greater diversity of funders, would help.  I’d love to see more angel investors in New York.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

We sell the pieces and tell the stories of emerging designers.  We’re an integrated commerce and content company.  We focus primarily on fashion designers, but we’ve also just started to branch out into home design, and our audience has been responding well to it.

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