Made in NY™ – Maria Seidman, CEO & Co-Founder of Yapp


Today, we speak with Maria Seidman, CEO and Co-Founder of Yapp, an app for iOS and Androids that allows users to make mobile apps for events, gatherings and groups.


Maria Seidman, CEO & Co-Founder of Yapp

Maria Seidman
CEO & Co-Founder of Yapp

What does “Made in NYTM” mean to you and your company?

“Made in NYTM” is who we are and what we do.  It means not only building some of the most innovative technology right here in Manhattan, but also building a startup and technology community.  Being “Made in NYTM” means a responsibility to build and give back to the community so that we can grow stronger – a stronger network of technologists, investors and partners.

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NYTM” campaign?

Getting the word out about the campaign through the companies themselves.  Maybe some media coverage like partnering with NY1 News to highlight an innovative startup that is founded and based in New York on a weekly or monthly basis.

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

Offering unique benefits to help cash-strapped startups get their companies up and running.  For example, while organizations and companies like Startup America and FoundersCard help start-up founders get great deals on services that are global, it would be great to have those same types of services that are local for free or discounted in New York.

Also, breaks on payroll taxes for companies below a certain size and revenue so that we can get to a place where we can actually hire more people and do more for the local economy.

It would help to offer some sort of business development mixers for local startups to interact with New York’s big companies to provide partnership opportunities.  Included in these events should be more start-up festivals, like hackathon, a pitch competition run by the city to promote entrepreneurship.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

We are part of the new wave of startups in New York that are pure consumer technology.  This differs from the stereotype that Silicon Alley companies focus on disrupting homegrown industries like fashion, finance and advertising.  We are also deeply embedded in the growing technology community as our engineering team runs the Ember.js NYC meetup, is involved in the Ruby community, hires and trains interns, hosts hackathons and more.  As a startup with a female founder, we are also very involved in encouraging more women to get into technology.

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