Singing and Boozing on Stage at the May New York Tech Meetup. All in the Name of Technology, of course!


You know it’s Spring when the overriding theme of the New York Tech Meetup seemed to be par-ty. NYC# was first to hit the stage and broke out in song – a cappella, no less!



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The fun didn’t stop there. Chris Wiggins introduced the HackNY student hackathon winners. Sole criteria for judging: awesomeness, and the grand prize went to…

Gitdown, an app that prevents coders from committing code when under the influence. Not that that ever happens, but it’s a breathalyzer tool that prevents people from making code changes when they should probably just be sleeping it off. And the creators, from Columbia and Yale Universities, did demo a before and after, complete with a shot of Jameson.

Second place in the competition went to AirDrum, which allows you to play the drums with your smartphone, right in your browser. That was the second musical presentation of the evening, for those of us keeping count. The creators are from Rutgers.

Laser Tanks is an Arduino based-laser tag game played using Civil War-style tanks, the parts for which were made courtesy of MakerBot. The creators were, again, Rutgers students, and this was just the first demo of the evening in which a 3D printer made the technology possible. The second was Robokeg (MakerBot again, and developed at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hackathon), a self-serve beer vending machine for music events, parties (and coworking spaces?), that can automate the purchasing and pouring of the brew – and tweets every time you’ve had a beer. It’s powered by NFS – and may well border on TMI.*

IBM Research showed off the world’s shortest film, made with entirely with atoms; Videolicious demonstrated how to make powerful, professional-quality videos yourself—in three easy steps—in seconds, complete with soundtrack; and Cara Face Detection Software turns any webcam into an intelligent sensor – and doesn’t record or store the information, for those concerned with privacy. Currently, it identifies whether you’re a child, young adult, adult or senior.

Rallyverse makes technology that helps companies discover and share great content on social media. PivotDesk helps entrepreneurs find a space for their growing businesses by connecting them with companies who have extra space. (No, it’s not LooseCubes revisited: the company helps you market, manage and monetize your space by providing all the tools each side needs to make it a beneficial and no-stress relationship. Think Airbnb for office space, only longer term, and currently available only in Boulder, Denver, NY, SF. And coming soon to Seattle, Portland, Boston and possibly LA.). Finally, TheMuse helps you find your ideal job in the first place, giving  a unique feel for the culture of various companies through videos/pictures/etc.

That was it for this month, and best summed up in 140characters or less:

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 5.21.30 AM

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