The 9 Startups that Pitched at Ultra Light Startups May 2013 Investor Feedback Forum


Ultra Light Startups, New York’s oldest startup pitch event, held its monthly investor feedback forum  this past Thursday. Nine startups made pitches to panelists Josh Bruno of Bain Capital Ventures, Brian Cohen of New York Angels, Brendan Dickinson of Canaan Partners and Jason Klein of On Grid Ventures. The top three were chosen by the audience.


Ultra Light Startups May


1. Cookbook Create – Presented by founder Anna Curran, who came up with idea while gathering family recipes, Cookbook Create is an online platform allowing users to publish their own cookbooks. The platform helps users gather recipes and provides design tools to create a print on-demand cookbook.

2. BUZZtheBar – Presented by founder Richard Liang, BUZZtheBar is an app that allows users to pay for their drinks with their smartphone. It aims to limit the wait time for drinks at a bar by allowing bartenders to “buzz” your phone to notify you that your drinks are ready.

3. Zinbox – Presented by founder Peter Gyorffy, Zinbox is an e-mail tool that displays e-mails with a visual and zoomable interface. The application is an attempt to simplify e-mail navigation and management.

The Other Pitches

iMect – Presented by founder Gabor Szanto
iMect created the DJ Player App for your iOS device. Designed for professionals, the app can be used during performances or small events.

MONTAJ – Presented by founder Demir Gjokaj
MONTAJ is an iPhone app that allows users to edit and share videos by shaking your phone. It encourages users to make memorable movies in real-time so you can share it with your friends.

givelet – Presented by founder Jack Funk
Givelet is fundraising platform that helps non-profit organizations create and manage online fundraising campaigns.

CareBooker – Presented by founder Jenna Fernandes
Carebooker is an online platform providing a way to search and hire professionals for child care, pet care, house cleaning, tutoring and senior care.

New Healthcare Enterprise – Presented by founder Peter Henderson
New Healthcare Enterprises pitched Vital, a health management online platform, providing users tools to manage diet, exercise or prevent chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure.

P2P Cash – Presented by Tom Meredith, CEO
P2P Cash provides a cheap way to transfer money around the world by using your mobile device. Its focus is on setting mobile banking standards in developing countries and eventually providing free money transfers.

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About the author: Patryk Znorkowski

Patryk Znorkowski studied journalism and psychology. He has an avid interest in emerging technology, their impact on society and is always looking for the next revolutionary idea.

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