What you missed around the web and on AlleyWatch last week – April 28 – May 4


It was another busy week in Silicon Alley and beyond.


All hail… Oh, wait – no taxi apps for you, NYC. One of the more disruptive panels at TechCrunch Disrupt this past week involved a pissing match between Jay Bregman, CEO of taxi e-hail startup Hailo and Sunil Paul, CEO of ride-sharing startup Sidecar. No sooner had the two left the stage that an appeals court judge temporarily blocked the city’s pilot taxi-apps program after several car service groups, who of course had absolutely no agenda in blocking the program, alleged that smartphones permit drivers to discriminate against passengers based on race, name, age and location. And, um, since such discriminatory practices don’t exist presently, why open the (cab) door now?

Meanwhile, the 6-month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy just passed and three Con Ed executives were asked to return the 2012 bonuses they were granted “in recognition of their efforts in guiding Con Edison of New York though significant challenges encountered in 2012,” according to a regulatory filing. Considering that 1.4 million Con Edison customers lost power during the storm and the flooding of the utility’s underground network caused lower Manhattan to lose power for days, well, guess the bonuses were rescinded “in recognition of their efforts in guiding Con Edison of New York though significant challenges encountered in 2012.” And thanks for playing.

Also at Disrupt: Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti noted that sex is more popular than Jesus in Google search. Does that mean we know a lot more about Jesus than we do about…  Oh, nevermind.

Overheard in the Alley this week:

On dating: “I’m not seeing anyone. I have a high cart abandonment rate.”

Here is what you missed on AlleyWatch last week:


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