#BehindthePitch: Advice From Female Founders


Last week brought you the Advice From Women VCs. This week, we follow up with Advice from Female Founders.



All money is not the same.  There is good money and there is bad money.  Be choosy!  Bad money will kill you as quick, if not quicker, than no money at all.

– Erin Newkirk, Red Stamp

Get a ton of publicity and look outside NYC.

– Michelle Madhok, Shefinds Media

A pitch to a VC/Angel is not the same message as a pitch to a potential customer.  All they want to know is, is there a problem (have you done your research)?  How are you going to fix it (have you done your research on the approach)?  And that you are the right one to do this.  Oh, and most of all, how you will make money from it!

– Tara Hunt, Buyosphere

Do everything you possibly can to avoid needing to raise funding.  Bootstrap.  Starve.  Beg, borrow and steal.  Get your product out there in the marketplace under its own steam, gaining traction.  Firstly, that makes it easier to raise funding.  Secondly, if you’ve designed it around the right kind of business model – the kind that makes money from day one – you won’t have to worry about funding.

– Cindy Gallop, Make Love Not Porn

Keep control of your company.

– Michelle Madhok, Shefinds Media 

Reprinted by permission.

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