Made in NY™ – Matt Kidd, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Tenlegs


Today, we speak with Matt Kidd, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Tenlegs, a network for emerging and independent artists to connect with their fans, collaborate with fellow artists and find freelance opportunities with organizations.



Matt Kidd

What does “Made in NYTM” mean to you and your company?

As a company focused on serving as a community for artists to thrive, we feel like we are appropriately made for NYC — the hub for artists!  A large part of how we help these artist is by connecting them with organizations, such as other startups, nonprofits, education institutions and even Fortune 500 companies, that need creative help.  Some of these connections result in freelance creative gigs, while others can turn into online classroom experiences.

Building this product in NYC becomes a necessity because it allows us to directly interact and form meaningful relationships with the artists, while also connecting with noteworthy organizations that need these artists’ creative services.

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NYTM” campaign?

The “Made in NYTM” campaign can be maximized by looking at startups in all industries and fields.  While mobile is hot, and NYC has its share of cutting-edge tech companies, the city’s startup population is as diverse as its residents.  Focusing on all the many sectors as a community, rather than a few shining stars, will allow those outside of NYC realize that the startup community as a whole is strong and thriving.

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

NYC and the entrepreneurs have a natural urge to get together.  It’s at these events, cocktail hours and conferences that new ideas are often launched.  Focusing on and promoting ways for entrepreneurs to connect even more than they naturally do and showcasing up-and-coming companies would be a tremendous asset to the early stage development.

Following the theme of connecting entrepreneurs, the city has done a good job and should continue helping entrepreneurs find physical locations in NYC that are affordable and collaborative, in nature.  These startup hubs and incubators are so important for early stage ventures in order to develop and test their ideas in a safe and supportive environment.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

The Tenlegs Mission is to break down traditional barriers to creative pursuits and build a community that generates value for artists, members and partners.

We seek to be a democratizing force, leveraging technology and business knowledge to support artists, while disrupting the way media and creative services industries have traditionally done business.  Rather than obstacles and middlemen, we offer access, transparency and collaboration.

Our primary customers are emerging and independent artists.  We create value for them by offering a suite of technologies, including enhanced online portfolios that support all types of media, with compatibility across devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), an online workspace for creative project management, access to paid creative work and an online art education platform for art teachers and mentors to provide instruction to students anytime, anywhere.  All of this provides artists with needed capabilities and services to connect and collaborate, work on paid creative projects, learn from one another and showcase, market and distribute their work, across art forms.

We also actively work with secondary customers — organizations seeking to hire artists for creative services as well as art schools and institutions seeking a turnkey platform that enables online artist portfolios, communities and art education opportunities.

Our competitive advantage lies in the way we approach every product and service — from an artist’s perspective — creating a business model that reinforces a thriving creative environment.  Our model is structured around a partnered existence, making money along with the artists, rather than at their expense.  Our commitment to this principle builds loyalty and engagement and keeps the artist top‐of‐mind in everything we do — creating the best experience for them.  This completes a virtuous cycle where artists, organizations and institutions are able to gain value from Tenlegs.

Tenlegs orchestrates this unique creative environment by developing a safe harbor where artists know they are in control of their time, energy and creative property, and are well protected legally and financially.  Organizations have access to professional, high‐quality creative resources, at costs well below what they would pay elsewhere.  Art institutions leverage the online capability to expand their reach without large investments in technology.

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