Market Research for Startups [Slideshow]


Early this year, I had the pleasure of mentoring the 2012 class of entrepreneurs at the Chicago branch of the Founder Institute.  Here is the presentation I delivered on “Market Research for Startups.”  The lesson provides high-level guidance on:


  • What types of markets to pursue.
  • How to find data on your market.
  • How to define your competitors.
  • How to do market research cost-effectively.
  • How to determine if you can win, or if you should walk away.

This lesson helps entrepreneurs with learning how to do the necessary market research upfront, before wasting a ton of money on a bad idea.

Here is  the video for the audio part of the presentation:

I figured it was easier and more useful to simply share this presentation and matching video file, than to try to recreate it in a standalone, textual post.  Happy reading.


Reprinted by permission.

About the author: George Deeb

George Deeb is a managing partner at Red Rocket Ventures, a Chicago-based startup consulting and fundraising firm with expertise in advising Internet-related businesses. More of George’s startup lessons can be read at “101 Startup Lessons — An Entrepreneur’s Handbook.”

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