Mentor in the Room: Jim Estill, Partner at Canrock Ventures


Today, we speak with Women Innovate Mobile mentor, Jim Estill.


In 1979, Jim Estill started a computer distribution company, EMJ Data, from the trunk of his car.  With a great team, he built the company up to $350,000,000 in sales and sold it to SYNNEX in September of 2004.  Jim became CEO of SYNNEX Canada until May 2009.  He is now a partner at Canrock Ventures – an early stage active technology investment fund.  Jim has long had an interest in early stage technology businesses, and was previously on the board of RIM (Blackberry) for 13 years.

Describe what you’re focusing on now.

I’m investing in early stage tech.  And, of course, my Time Leadership blog.

What’s your greatest challenge?

That there’s never enough time.

Game of Thrones or Top Chef?

I don’t own a TV.

What’s the biggest myth about starting a company?

That there is a new idea that must be discovered or created in order to launch a startup.  There are no new ideas – most of the ingenuity behind a startup is in the implementation.

Back to the future.  If you could go back in time, what technology would you invent?

The Internet.  And one good one to invent now is the battery that never (rarely) needs to be recharged.

One question entrepreneurs should be asking right now.

What is the best use of my time right now?

What’s your favorite iPad App?


Reprinted by permission.

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