10 Things to Do in NYC over the July 4th Holiday in Case Your Investor Forgot to Invite You Out to the Hamptons Estate


We know. The invitation got lost in the spam folder. More likely he/she forgot to hit ‘send.’ No matter and instead of spending your entire weekend at Soho House or at the office revising your deck for the umpteenth time, here are a few suggestions for things to do around the city that might not have occurred to you…




1. Walk the Highline.

It’s relaxing, it’s outdoors and it’s something your wouldn’t ordinarily think to do. Check the schedule.

2. Rent a citibike.

Check it out and explore some new neighborhoods. Don’t forget: if you find somewhere to hang for the rest of the day, you’re not stuck with the bike and don’t have to worry about leaving your bike for a few hours to return, only to find the seat gone. Or worse, the entire bike. Ah, New York. 24-hour and 7-day passes are also available for staycationers.


Citibike (Photo credit: myophoto)

3. Get out your bike – or rent one – and take a ride along the river.

The West Side bike path goes from the tip of Manhattan (Staten Island Ferry) up to the GW. If you’re heading northwards and it’s a hot day, don’t forget to stop off and take in The Cloisters. You’re in for a medieval treat, and they’re up in Washington Heights, btw.

4. Jump in! The water’s fine!

The City has a bunch of outdoor pools, if you want to take a break a cool off. Of course, the jewel in the crown in the pool barge, aka the Floating Pool Lady, docked in the Bronx, when last we heard and seven lanes for your swimming pleasure.

5. Kayak to Nyack? What for?

There are places you can kayak in NYC, free of charge. That’s right, free kayaking in NYC, for those who want to get out on the water and not get too wet. There are a few spots around the city.  Like this one. Charlie O’Donnell also organizes free kayaking in Brooklyn. Get more info here, especially for group kayaking.

6. The Circle Line.

The fleet’s not in this year, but the Circle Line is still making its way through the waterways surrounding Manhattan. Or even just a semi-circle. For those who like to have a bit more fun on the water, let’s not forget the Beast speed boat ride down to the Statue of Liberty. Ok, it’s all touristy but honestly, have you ever done it?

7. The Statue of Liberty reopens on July 4th.

She’s been closed for renovations for the past few years and hey, this is New York. What New York woman with that much waterfront property isn’t entitled to a face lift every now and then?

English: Joey Chestnut has logged his third co...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8. Coney Island and Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest.

Despite the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, we do believe that Coney Island is still there, and the Hotdog Eating Contest is definitely on. It takes place July 4th and what could be more American than indulging in too much of a less-than-optimally healthy good thing?

9. Support local startups through travel.

Get a group of friends – or even just a few – together and embark on an Urban Adventure courtesy of StrayBoots or sidetour and support our local startups.

10. Watch the fireworks on the Hudson!

They start at 9.20 and best viewing points are between 24th and 50th streets on the Hudson River. Arrive early. Pack a picnic. Bring lots of bottled water.


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