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As educational opportunities explode with new online learning options, San Francisco-based Degreed wants to rethink what it means to earn credit. The startup, which aims to “jailbreak” the degree, provides an online service that tracks, scores and validates all of a user’s educational experiences. Get credit for your education—all of it. Degreed gives you the way to have all your education validated and enables you to unlock relevant employment and educational opportunities. 


Degreed was recently accepted into the inaugural Kaplan EdTech Accelerator and will be spending the next few months in NYC.  Today, CEO David Blake shares his thoughts with us.


Tell us about the decision to apply for Kaplan EdTech  Accelerator.

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David Blake

We weren’t originally planning to apply to any accelerators, but when TechStars announced it was doing an EdTech vertical accelerator, the combination of TechStar’s track record and the EDU focus was what made it compelling.

Tell us about the product that you are launching?

Degreed helps you track and succeed in your learning goals by helping you discover the best resources the world has to offer and providing you with real-time reflection of your all your learning, both formal and informal.  We currently allow users to track inputs such as degrees, courses, MOOCs, events, books, articles, and videos in a fun and informative way.  We are currently working on helping users to know what they need to learn next to acquire skills, formal degrees, or non-accredited degree equivalents.  Our goal is to help people learn what they need to unlock opportunities in their lives.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

We are addressing the future of the credentials and are attacking the monopoly universities’ have in granting degrees as the de facto measure of someone’s education and skills.  This is a huge opportunity–$500B is spent annually by & against college students who never get any form of credential.

What is your take on the current interest in the EdTech sector?

Education is too important to stay the way it is.  Education is a fundamental and crucial key to unlocking opportunities for individuals and improving the economy, yet we have seen very little real innovation and progress to date.  With the economic crises forcing us to closely examine the outcomes of traditional education and the huge surge in high-quality, low-cost, online educational content we are on the cusp of making some very interesting changes in the world of education.  Education may only get a chance like this every couple of decades, and we feel like a lot of people, both entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers are starting to recognize this.

What are you hoping to get out of the program and where do you see your company fitting in the New York landscape?

We have found that New York is full of great EdTech talent and resources and it is great to be deepening our east coast EdTech network.

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