Made in NY™ – Noah Glass, Founder and CEO of OLO


Today, we speak to Noah Glass, founder and CEO of OLO, an online and mobile ordering provider for the foodservice industry.


What does “Made in NY™” mean to you and your company?

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CEO and Founder

For me, “Made in NY” means that my company is contributing to the booming NYC technology scene. In it’s original form “GoMobo.com“, OLO was here for the beginning of the current NYC tech resurgence and has grown up with it. I’m really eager to see where it goes next.

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NY™” campaign?

To maximize the “Made in NY” campaign, I think the messaging, creative, and executions need to work hard to attract top talent. That’s how our scene will grow and flourish. NYC has always attracted the best of the best like moths to a flame. The NYC technology scene and “Made in NY™” campaign must carry this torch.

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

There are many existing platforms that promote early stage entrepreneurship. Some I am particularly interested in are the rise of General Assembly and sites like Skillshare. I feel like these are particularly good at helping professionals pivot their careers into the tech/entrepreneurial space by learning new skills (UX, design, coding, etc) without breaking the bank. More of these types of initiatives would be good.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

OLO sits in the ecosystem as a company that was founded here, grew up here, and is now positioned to be a success story if all continues to go well with the business!

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