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PILOT Health Tech NYC is new program that provides funding of up to $100,000 each to 10 innovative pilot projects to take place in New York City. Winner Sense Health is health support between medical appointments made easy. Stan Berkow, Founder and Product Lead, shares his thoughts with us today.



Tell us about your product/service.

Sense Health unlocks the potential of text message health support through a platform where health professionals can quickly generate and customize text message based care plans for their patients. These plans are interactive for patients, creating a feedback loop that we complete for health providers by alerting them of patients who are not complying with or recovering from their support.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

We’re attacking the Population Health Management market. It definitely depends how you size it up, but regardless, the market is well into the billions. And, it’s definitely growing as new legislation is enacted and healthcare continues to shift towards a capitated model.

What is the business model?

We work with case management/disease management companies that are focused on controlling the health costs of high utilization patients. Our technology provides value for these organizations in two ways:

1) It improves efficiency, allowing their case managers to support growing caseloads.

2) Sense Health improves the effectiveness of the health support case managers deliver through enhanced data capture of patient health/behaviors and mobile delivery of consistent behaviorally-driven health interventions.

Tell us what it means to be matched up to a large healthcare institution.

There’s the immediate validation that Sense Health is solving a really big problem that really matters – which is obviously great to know. Aside from that though, it’s an incredible opportunity to get to work alongside a potential customer of ours and fully understand their pain points and how/where our technology will make the biggest impact on their business. Then, after gaining all that detailed information on a potential customer of ours, we get to test (and prove) our technology in the exact healthcare setting where we believe Sense Health has the greatest opportunity to improve health on a massive scale.

Why did you choose NYC over other locations for your project?

Sense Health is based in NYC, which was definitely reason number one for doing our project here. But more specifically, our project is focused on high utilization Medicaid patients and not only does New York State have one of the largest Medicaid populations in the country, but New York City in particular has a very high density of the exact patients our company/this pilot program is trying to help.

Learn more about Pilot Health Tech NYC.

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