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Today we speak with Tim Minton, Co-Founder of Zazoom, a video content creation company with a storytelling style and production methodology that helps bring content to life every day.

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What does Made in NY mean to you and your company?

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Tim Minton
Co-Founder and CEO

It means the very best of everything. It says quality, sophistication and professionalism. Our video content creation business is more attractive to distribution partners wherever they are located, because the perception of NY companies is reliability. We deliver entertaining and informative video stories when and how they’re promised.

What can be done to maximize the “Made in NY” campaign?

Show the diverse creative offerings that city offers as a draw to come here and innovate, to make NY even more hospitable.  That means maintaining the accessibility of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment to startups and early stage production companies, enhancing public WiFi access and raising awareness around the country about what NY does – or can do – for media companies.

What else can be done to promote early stage entrepreneurship in NYC?

Innovative assistance that accelerates funding and business opportunities. NYC is a great source of capital and commercial deals. I’d like to see more facilitation of investor and crowd-sourced funding. The technology exists. What’s needed is a trusted marketplace for pitches and ideas that could be organized by the Made in NY campaign (open only to NY companies). Similarly, offer a safe way for startups to connect with willing mentors would be useful. Tax incentives are also important, but for startups looking at a loss in the first 1-2 years, grants and low-interest loans with reasonable approval standards would be even more helpful.

Where does your company fit in the ecosystem?

Smack in the middle. We are New York at the roots (our three founders have covered news in NYC for a combined six decades).  We produce a range of stories for the web, from breaking news to entertainment, from health/lifestyle to the weird and fun. Our Buzz60 videos are short and snappy, with a slice of attitude—just like NY. Reflecting the diversity of our home city, we produce them in Spanish and French as well as English.

As a growing digital media business, Zazoom’s delighted to be part of New York’s technopolis.


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