VCs Don’t Give A Sh-t [Infographic]


One of the most important steps on the path to entrepreneurship is presenting to venture capitalists. But despite the best efforts of newbie entrepreneurs to hook a VC with extensive presentations, studies show that 75 percent of VC’s actually lose interest in the first 10 minutes of a presentation. The truth? VC’s don’t actually care about most presentations. They often grow disinterested in long, tiresome slideshows that fail to uphold the dogma that “short and sweet” is generally best.

While seducing a VC during a presentation might take a little coaxing and foresight, the following infographic from Crunched provides some tips on how to make the most of your VC presentations.


Easy Tweets:

The average VC presentation has 21 slides.  Click to tweet
The average VC pitch is 42 minutes.  Click to tweet
75% of VCs get distracted by email or something else in 10 minutes.  Click to tweet
43% of VCs pay attention less than half the time during pitches.  Click to tweet
63% of VCs never open emailed presentations.  Click to tweet

About the author: Sarah Tibbling

Sarah Tibbling is a recent graduate from William Paterson University where she was the editor-in-chief of the university’s literary magazine, Zeitgeist. She is a copyediting intern for AlleyWatch and enjoys books, cats and the endless social media scroll.

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