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I am not one to decline free alcoholic beverages or catered food at a cool downtown venue, especially when it is at an event that’s showcasing some of the hottest, emerging technological startups in NYC, like Technology You Can Touch by NYC Tech Connect, which showed that you don’t have to be an internet startup to get funded, and that crowd-funding is an option.


Here is a brief summary of the latest crop of tactile tech:

Canary.  Cofounder and CTO, Chris Rill demonstrated a cool gadget that stores and receives visual information through an angular camera installed in your home while you are away.  If a burglar invades your abode, you can simply implant a device in your phone that alerts you and a security unit.  Simply brilliant.  The company launched an indiegogo campaign to raise $100k, and have already raised close to $1 million in no time at all.

Key Me. Imagine losing your house key, only to discover that a hard copy of it has been saved to your Smartphone.  Forget the locksmith.  Take that smartphone to a kiosk at 7-Eleven and it duplicates another copy.  Several locations throughout Manhattan already offer it. We covered the company when they presented at the New York Tech Meetup.

Radicle Orthopaedics.  President and founder, Ted Rosenwasser presented a thorough and concise model of how a tiny spring like device which rests in between the wrist and a bone I can’t pronounce will aid with the onset of arthritis caused from sports related injury or accident.  This product has been studied, examined and supported by top medical surgeons who are eager for its FDA approval.  The device will (hopefully) enable others to live with less pain and discomfort.

Keen Home.  Co-Founders Ryan Fant and Nayeem Hussain have created an automation start-up that offers convenience and accessibility via specialized cooling/central heating  vents that are monitored from your smartphone.  It is sustainable, cost effective and increases efficiency.  The clever aspect of this is that it can be targeted to the exact areas in your living space where you need it at the time.  Keen recently launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

BotFactory.  Co-Founder Nicolas Vansnick was enthusiastic as he explained how his company is revolutionizing the interface of a 3D circuit printer, which includes bendable sheets of plastic that will trace electrical material, thus replacing electrical outlets.  This design transcends optimal minimization through a simple product that will pave the way in how we utilize printer capability.  The company came out of NYU-Poly.

Vesselon. Executive VP Rhodemann Li was on hand to deliver a message to a packed house of onlookers: “One in six people will suffer a stroke sometime throughout their lives.”  He has a machine that will revolutionize how paramedics respond to someone in the first three hours of that stroke. Vesselon’s novel therapeutic device uses ultrasound in conjunction with microbubbles to dissolve a clot and recanalize blocked vessels.  It is much like a mini-ultra sound machine, and if full investing is achieved, it is expected to hit Europe within three years and  the US in five, provided that it receives FDA approval.

Lumiode light engines is developing a brand new microdisplay platform that is 30 times brighter and 5-10 times more efficient than other technologies. A project that came out of Columbia Technology Ventures, Lumiode aims to create high resolution displays in very small spaces such as heads-up displays (think Google Glass) and handheld projectors.

Strong Arm provides wearable ergonomic solutions for the everyday worker. Their  flagship product is a load-redistribution and postural conformance device.to correct posture, reduce fatigue, reduce the chance of injury as well as to increase productivity and morale. They are currently working with companies who have large warehousing and logistics operations, such as Target Corp. and American Airlines.

Coactive has developed algorithms and techniques for vibration actuator fusion. Initial applications include producing directional vibration effects for smartphones, tablets, game controllers and remote controls. Coactive’s proprietary framework, SAVANT™ – Synchronized Array of Vibration Actuators in a Network Topology – is capable of delivering the power of teams of vibration actuators. Coactive uses conventional vibration actuators unconventionally. Patent pending.

Hats off to each and every start-up who led thought-provoking discussions.  All of who are enhancing how we manage our health, safety, environment, and productivity.   Many of which will be also be accessed through a quick tap on your smartphone.

Face it: the future will literally be in our hands.

Photo credit: NYC Tech Connect

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About the author: Mark Michael Stephens

Mark Michael Stephens is a professional writer specializing in pop culture, technology, human rights, and trends.  Mark has contributed to numerous publications and is honing a novel on growing up in Nevada.  He has a BA with Honors from The New School and lives in Manhattan.

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