5 Reasons Twitter Should Be an Essential Part of Your Business


For some of you out there, the mere mention of the “T” word makes you cringe.  Immediate images of Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, and any number of irritating celebrities tweeting about their favorite breakfast cereals may very well pop into your head.


But as annoying as Twitter can be when put in the wrong hands, don’t be too quick to dismiss the medium as an irritating and useless enterprise.  Love it or hate it, Twitter is an essential ingredient to any successful business.   In this article, you will learn five ways that Twitter can help take your business to new levels.

1.  The ability to provide better customer service.

Twitter allows all of your potential customers to see what your business is doing in real time.  When you make an announcement and customers react, you are receiving instant feedback on how to run your business.  Suppose I were to announce a 10 percent off sale to a specific product I own and witness potential customers complaining that other companies are giving better deals. This is a huge advantage, allowing me to gauge what customers are feeling and giving me the ability to adjust my strategies accordingly.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, if I were to offer a sale and the customers react positively to what a great deal it is, I know that I have found an effective sales strategy and can cater to what my customers want more effectively in the future.

2.  Twitter will drive traffic to your site.

Twitter is a great medium for making special announcements, creating contests and offering sales.   By giving potential customers a reason to visit your site, you are driving traffic that would otherwise not be visiting your website.  In addition, if your contests, sales or promotions are creative enough, others may retweet them, and the news will have the ability to go viral.

For example, I run an online dating business.  A great contest idea might be to offer a free custom-made profile to the person who posts the most unique and creative online dating email idea.  Not only am I enticing people to send in their best material and creating a buzz, but those who are following me on Twitter will find plenty of valuable ideas in the process as well.

Other ideas might include giving customers a free gift or offering coupons for signing up for your newsletter.  Any incentive for a customer to visit your site is a good one.

3.  You can learn what your competitors are doing.

One of the biggest benefits of Twitter is that you can keep an eye on the competition.   By performing a search for related industries, you can find out about competing a business’ activities, sales, and strategies, as well as current trends.  Not only will this prevent you from being blindsided by the competition, but it allows you to replicate their successful strategies.

I have learned a great deal about what my competitors are doing by looking at the sales they offer, new theories in online dating, etc.  As Steve Jobs did so successfully, always try to stay one step ahead of the competition.

4.   Increasing your connection with the locals.

If you are using Twitter and have a localized business, you can use this as an opportunity to tweet local information or organize local events.  It also enables you to take part in local community projects in your area.  Showing that you are willing to take part in neighborhood causes not only creates good will toward those whom you are serving but will create a strong awareness for your brand and what you do.  In order to find great opportunities, sign up for weekly newsletters. Join websites such as TimeOut.com . Create fundraisers and charities.  Look up other business that relate to your field and connect with them.  There are countless ways to strongly take part in your community.

5.  The ability to connect on a personal level with customers.

The one negative image that many people have of businesses is that they are just corporate entities that couldn’t care less about their customers as long as they are making money.  Twitter is the perfect platform for breaking these negative perceptions and connecting on a more human level with your customers.  Tweets don’t have to be business-related all of the time.  Sometimes they could just be fun and relatable!   Make comments that are related to daily news occurrences.  Praise those in society who are heroes for doing great things in society when the situation arises.  See what is trending on Yahoo and make references to these events every now and then, even if they are somewhat silly.  Anything that shows you are more than just a corporate logo can be a great thing.

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Reprinted by permission.

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