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7 Startups to Help You Clean Up


Home is where the heart it is and this has spawned a rich online vertical focused on home maintenance tips and services, making it even easier than ever to get a reliable, trained and vetted maid to clean the house.


1. BrightNest

BrightNest, just recently purchased by Angie’s List, is an incredible resource for expert advice on home maintenance, with instructions and thousands of great do-it-yourself tips. After partnering with Angie’s List, the hope is that the site can provide recommendations on contractors or third-party help for those that may not have the time, skill or inclination to do it themselves.

Service: Whenever you want, via your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Price: Both the app and online component are free.
Location: based in Menlo Park, CA; available anywhere with an Internet connection.
Notable Investors: Bullet Time Ventures, OCA Ventures, New World Ventures, David Cohen
Twitter: @BrightNest

2. Serviceful

Now we get into the fun stuff; we go from do-it-yourself to have it done for you. Serviceful provides a home concierge service for busy homeowners. Need someone to fix your air conditioner? Done. Need someone to watch your dog? All of the above? Serviceful has your back. You simply type in your request (i.e. my garage door is broken, I need it fixed by Wednesday) and Serviceful finds someone to get that job done.  AlleyWatch has written about this company before.

Services:  $100 a month, which includes a free monthly maintenance check.
Location: Based in New York, but conveniently located where your tablet, smartphone or Internet connection take you.
Notable Investors: Luis Chaparro, Juan Chaparro
Twitter: @Serviceful

3. Get Maid

Get Maid is an on-demand, premium maid service. Via their app or website, the user can have a maid arrive at his/her place within two hours. Their maids are, “vetted for quality, background checked, trained, bonded, and insured.” Get Maid also uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies exclusively.

Price: $45/hour (tip and supplies included) via credit card.
Service time: On-demand: 9:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.; via appointment 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M; both 7 days a week.
Location: New York City
Notable Investors: Ken Cron and Samer Hamadeh
Twitter: @GetMaid

4. Homejoy

Formerly known as Pathjoy, Homejoy lets you book a house cleaner online (or via your smartphone) in 19 different cities. Homejoy even lets you view a profile, complete with reviews, of the person that will be cleaning your residence. Extra services, such as laundry, are available as well.

Price: $20/hour (tip not included, $5 to bring their own cleaning supplies) via credit card.
Service time: Dependent on your location. Once you log in and choose your location, a list of appointments becomes available.
Location: List of cities available
Notable Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, Mike Hirshland, Bobby Yazdani
Twitter: @Homejoy

5. MyClean

MyClean does things a bit different than Homejoy or Get Maid. Their prices are based on services rendered, rather than amount of time spent. This means that you choose the services and the maid will stay as long as it takes to do the tasks. Extra services are available. For example, two loads of laundry will cost you an extra $31. Appointments are made online, with an app forthcoming.

Price: Dependent on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and various services requested. A simple cleaning of a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment is $84 (cleaning products are included, a tip is not) via credit card.
Services time: Appointments can be booked from 8 A.M. to 6:30 P.M., seven days a week.
Location: New York City
Notable Investors: Mike Scharf and Mike Russell
Twitter: @MyClean

6. Handybook

Handbook offers services such as handymen and plumbing, in addition to cleaning. The handymen are available for services such as assembly, heavy lifting and moving help. Handybook’s prices are dependent on either the number of rooms to be cleaned or the amount of time you need. There is also ‘peak pricing’ (more expensive) during popular days/time periods,

Price: For 2 hours (the minimum) at 8 A.M. on a Wednesday: $70 (cleaning supplies and tip included) via credit card.
Service time: Appointments vary based on date and location; appointments must start after 7 A.M. and end before 11 P.M.
Location: New York City, Boston and San Francisco
Notable Investors: David Tisch
Twitter: @HandybookHQ

7. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is quite different from the rest of the bunch. TaskRabbit lets you post a task (say, a home cleaning or the assembly of a desk) and you either name your price or take bids. From there, you can either take your pick of whom you would like to do the work, or TaskRabbit can choose for you. This is all done through the app, without an online component. Just as with all the previous sites, background checks and vetting are done on the person who will be performing the service.

Price: Average for a home cleaning – $60 via credit card
Service time: You name it.
Location: List of cities
Notable Investors: Bruce Gibney, Rob Chesney, Venture Partners, Shervin Pishevar
Twitter: @TaskRabbit

With the companies 3-7 all planning on expanding to other cities, this is clearly a flourishing and – profitable – area. With more and more services coming available on line all the time, it’s possible that, one day, you could go online and have your place go from a wreck to sparkling with just a few clicks and a in just few hours. Right now, for most of us, that only happens on television.


Image credit: CC by Selvin


About the author: Alexander Maykowski

Alexander Maykowski is a recent graduate of Marquette University, where he studied journalism and political science. He has an ardent interest in cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) and how they will shape the financial and global landscape in the future.

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