Meet CaseRails from NYC SeedStart’s Enterprise Accelerator


NYC SeedStart, the accelerator arm of NYC Seed, is back with a new class and they are focused on the enterprise…


Today we hear from Kyle M. Zeller, Co-Founder and of CaseRails, a cloud-based legal document drafting platform.


Tell us about the decision to apply for NYC SeedStart.

Erik and I began moonlighting on CaseRails while working as patent associates at a top international law firm in New York.  We took the plunge a few months ago and quit our day jobs to pursue this full time.   As we began building interest among our colleagues and gaining traction in the startup community, we realized that we needed some guidance to truly take our business to the next level.  After meeting Owen Davis and Brian Malkerson of NYC SeedStart, we knew the program would be a great fit.  We couldn’t be more excited to learn from the NYC SeedStart team and the dozens of entrepreneurs, business leaders, tech gurus and service providers affiliated with the program.

Tell us about your product/service.

CaseRails is a cloud-based legal document-drafting platform designed to maximize lawyer productivity and work-product quality.  As attorneys, we experienced first-hand the wildly inefficient and mistake-prone legal document workflow: lawyers simply do not have the tools they need to compete in today’s economy.  And as former engineers, we knew there had to be a better way.

The CaseRails platform includes a full-featured drafting interface, template engine, and integrated document management system.  CaseRails “knows” what type of document an attorney is drafting, adapts the user interface for each document type and guides the drafting process, using document-specific logic.  By eliminating repetitive tasks, adding dynamic content re-use, and allowing collaboration and version control, CaseRails significantly reduces drafting time and mistakes.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

CaseRails is aimed at the $280 billion/year legal services market.   We are trying to reach the over 1.2 million practicing attorneys at law firms and corporate legal departments and the 120,000+ law school students who make up that market.

What are you hoping to get out of the program and where do you see your company fitting in the New York landscape?

We are currently focused on three main objectives – developing our beta product; connecting with potential mentors, customers and employees; and preparing investor materials in anticipation of Demo Day.   We are receiving unbelievably helpful feedback through the accelerator, and the relationships we are cultivating are truly invaluable.  We could not ask for more amazing mentors:  Jonathan Rochelle, Product Management Director for Collaborative Web Products at Google; Stuart Ellman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at RRE Ventures; and Andreas Wuerfel, Director of Innovation and Technology Scouting at Deutsche Telekom USA.

We believe CaseRails’ New York roots are a huge competitive advantage.  New York is home to many of the brightest lawyers and law students, and to the most successful law firms.  The New York startup scene is thriving, and investors continue to show an interest in New York enterprise companies.   We are excited to continue sourcing our operating, legal and financial needs in New York, and we hope to partner with the New York courts and with state and local government in the future.


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