Q&A-Ha! What Happens When Gamification Meets Enterprise Software


NYC SeedStart, the accelerator arm of NYC Seed, is back with a new class and they are focused on the enterprise, Today we chat with Andreea Barroca, CEO of Quandora, a Question and Answer software that helps people share knowledge in a simple, straightforward way, with a specific focus on companies.



Andreea Barroca

Tell us about the decision to apply for NYC SeedStart.

We saw this year’s NYC SeedStart program as an opportunity to work with a great team of founders, mentors, and industry representatives – the ultimate goals being to expand our network, get high quality feedback, exposure to VC, and acquire enterprise-level leads.

But beyond all that, I think maybe the strongest reason was that we wanted to be challenged to ask ourselves all the hard questions right now – in any case, quicker than we would have on a natural course.

Tell us about your product/service

No manual can teach people how to be better employees in a particular company, because no two companies are the same,  Each has its own – and ever changing- values, skills, and business model.

Quandora is a Question & Answer software that lets people within teams and organizations continuously learn from each other about what matters most to them: technologies, sales, customers, communication, culture, restaurants near the office that are open late… And this, in a way, transcends hierarchy, geographical remoteness, time zones issues, and departmental boundaries.

Quandora offers a natural, simple, straightforward knowledge-sharing experience. It uses gamification, crowd sourcing, and social networking to make it easy and fun. Plus, we provide integration with Google Apps, Yammer, SalesForce, Zendesk, Jira/Confluence, GitHub, Facebook, and others.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

Quandora plays in the broad market of collaboration services ($67B by 2018, accordingly to Forrester), on the specific slice of the Social Collaboration – $5-$6B in 2013 (same source). Forrester estimates that cloud-based collaboration services (like Quandora) will have a CAGR of almost 15% – the biggest of all categories.

What is the business model?

We offer our service in the cloud, with a pricing of $2 to $3/user/month.

What are you hoping to get out of the program and where do you see your company fitting in the New York landscape?

As with all the other efforts and initiatives that we’re driving, we channel the various kinds of value SeedStart delivers towards our current focus, which is to increase our customer base. We aim to have acquired strategic customers by the end of the program, while at the same time revamping our product’s acquisition and onboarding flow, and building valuable relationships with mentors, founders, and investors.

Although NYC already has some awesome enterprise companies (think 10gen), we feel that there’s still room for progress on this side. And, hey, “enterprise is hot right now” as everybody says. We expect to be part of a strong emerging generation of hot NY enterprise companies.

quandora screenshot

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