Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – Lessons from the Masters

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – Lessons from the Masters


In this extremely informative and highly entertaining 2007 interview, Steve Jobs (1955-2011) and Bills Gates look into their pasts, present and futures to talk business models, advertising, and technological advances.  They discuss the evolution of the relationship between Apple and Microsoft, from jealousy and competition to the working relationship they developed.  Ever been curious to know what Bill Gates thinks about PC guy in Apple commercials?

More importantly, Jobs and Gates give insight into their thoughts on tech startups and the components necessary to build a successful company.  They talk about risk-taking, entertainment delivery and problem solving before a customer even realizes he/she had an unresolved problem.  They advise about balancing between innovations and knowing when to stick to what customers are accustomed to, using examples like the evolution from character interface to graphic interface and ultimately, 3D being the future of interfaces.  Other future predictions from the two include applications for post PC devices, the impact technology will have on education, and how technology will reach the senior age group.

Looking back, they reveal what they wish they had learned from each other early on in their careers, and what each feels the other has done especially well with their companies.

For present startups , they offer their most important pieces of advice in regards to setting priorities.  For Gates, it’s that the creative idea must be at the forefront of the company rather than the economy of the business.  For Jobs, being passionate about the work and being a great talent scout are what’s key.

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