Tapad Taps Top Digital Media and Ad Execs on the Future of Mobile, Tech, and Entrepreneurship


What are top digital media and advertising executives thinking about the future of mobile, technology and entrepreneurship?

Tapad, the New York based adtech firm, recently held its second series of interviews on the future of mobile, technology and entrepreneurship with top executives in the space. The series explores where these industries are headed and what the executives would like to see in the future.

Of the 8 executives interviewed in the series, 4 said that technology should be used to solve global issues like poverty, education and health, citing Charity Water as an admirable model. This concurred with the finding of a 2012 Accenture Research study which stated a little under half of the charities surveyed believed technology benefits their goals and helps them spread their message better. The same percent also said that while looking for new hires to grow their team, “focus” and “passion” are their number one character traits.

Looking ahead to 2014, half of the interviewees said they expect something big from Google or Apple. 45% of the panel also said that there is a gap in the mobile space that can be filled by technology that allows customizable user experience across devices.  View the infographic for all the findings.


Learn more about Tapad in our recent interview with CEO Are Traasdahl.

About the author: Kamakshi Ayyar

Kamakshi Ayyar is a freelance journalist based in New York. She studied law at Mumbai University, India and received her Master’s in Journalism from Columbia University. She has written for Business India, Roosevelt Island’s Main Street Wire and The Villager.

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