What Happens in an Internet Minute? [Infographic]


Over the past several years, reliance on the Internet has been sharply increasing. People are using it more and more to share information, pictures and personal messages, making it an indispensable technology that never sleeps. This infographic by Intel will make your jaw drop when you check out actual statistics for internet traffic in the span of a mere sixty seconds. The illustration focuses on social network and search engine usage, and even mobile access. For starters, Facebook can claim six million views, while Flickr stands tall at twenty million photo views, all in a single minute. That’s almost a trillion Facebook views in a day.


On the business side, 204 million emails are sent every minute and Amazon.com sells $83,000 of merchandise. Over a hundred people are creating profiles on LinkedIn and 47,000 apps are being downloaded. The Internet is constantly buzzing with activity, but looking at the numbers really puts it into perspective. It has become an essential part of our daily routines, with millions of people consistently checking in on social networking sites, sending off quick emails on the way to lunch and taking advantage of the ever-increasing knowledge pool/communications medium we call the Internet.



About the author: Lisa Seylar

Lisa Seylar is a recent graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She is passionate about writing and editing, and she is excited to be currently interning with AlleyWatch to jumpstart her career in copyediting.

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