An Angel in New York: Vamsi Sistla

An Angel in New York: Vamsi Sistla



Vamsi Sistla is an active angel investor, co-founder of an interactive media startup and a mentor to several additional tech startups.

He has over 17 years of experience in mobile technologies and social television — an emerging technology that combines study and stimulation of a consumer’s television-related social behavior.

Sistla is the co-founder of Telvetto, a social television startup meant to enable real-time conversations with other viewers through social media networks.

With investments ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 in ActionRun, Altruik, Careerminds, Medivo, Pogby and PubNub under ARC Angel Fund and other Angel funds, Sistla helps foster new media technologies and software startups similar to Telvetto.

He previously managed mobile and social content for well-known media and entertainment giants Gemstar TV Guide and Rovi Corp.

Sistla is currently working on projects that utilize mobile technologies with smartphones and tablets along with Google TV and Social TV.  He also serves as a mentor for The Unreasonable Institute, Springboard and 37 Angels.

Sistla holds a MS from Oakland University and an APM certification in Project Management and Strategy from Stanford University.

Angel Fund:

Investor at ARC Angel Fund (Founded in 2010)
Investor at ENIAC Ventures (Founded in 2009)

Sector Focus:

3D Printing, Analytics, Big Data, Gaming, Consumer Internet, Crowdsourcing, Entertainment, Fantasy Sports, Video Streaming, iOS, Social Media, Parenting, Payments, Platforms, Music, Marketplaces, Loyalty Programs, Face Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Mobile, Internet, Healthcare Information Technology, Software, iPad, iPhone.

Selected Investments:


Expertise Areas:
Technology Architecture, Product Strategy, Market Positioning, New Media Technology, Mobile Device Software, Social Television.

Blogs, Twitter & Websites:


Memorable Quotes:

On the value of a college degree:  “Universities are ripe to become Woodstocks of Education.”

Problems faced by graduates:  “Graduates are suffering from what I call ‘dual forces of inflation’ – on the one hand we have too many graduates and on the other hand the value of graduation is dropping by a mile a minute.  Job-based economies are being sidelined by the creation and collaboration-based flatwork environment.”

On entrepreneurial innovation:  “I often notice smart entrepreneurs who are ‘disrupting’ traditional business models don’t go far enough in disrupting the entire value chain.  They are always trying to ‘fit’ their disruptive thinking within the confines of existing values/ecosystems.  The entrepreneur needs to think through other options in the value chain and understand the strangle hold of incumbents in the value chain.  Figure out who could substitute these incumbents.”

On The Future Project:  The Future Project is a gargantuan effort to uproot the maladies of our high schools – most of them took birth during the last century of the industrial revolution.”

On the problem with current education systems:  “I believe the narrowness of our vision and lack of curiosity has been etched into our thinking due to our current education systems.  As children, we don’t limit our thinking to a particular niche.  It’s the so called ‘education’ and societal forces that stifle our creativity and appetite for risk taking.”

About the author: Meredith Lee

Meredith is currently studying Journalism and English at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she focuses on blending new and traditional medias to enhance communication for a future career in digital media. She enjoys everything related to new media, investigative journalism, international communications, cooking, traveling and music festivals.

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