How Much Does a Hipster Weigh? September NY Tech Meetup Attendees Know…


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Full disclosure: I was late for the NY Tech Meetup and missed half the presentations, not by choice, but thanks to CitiBike. It was my first CitiBike experience. Some things to know, if you’re considering buying into the program:

Point #1: If you’re buying an annual membership, it doesn’t take a week to 10 days for your ‘key’ to arrive; give it at least three weeks. They must be backlogged or something.

Point #2: You do have to phone them to activate your account.

Point #3: Wear a helmet; it’s a CitiBike – you won’t be navigating the back roads of the Hamptons, where, for the record, they do wear helmets.

Point #4: the CitiBike app. It’ll tell you where the docks are, and how many bikes and empty spaces are available. What it won’t tell you is how many of those bikes are actually working. When you see that red light, do not pass go.

I had to hit five docking stations before I found an available bike (only because someone was just returning his) that was actually working. This is why I missed the first few presentations.

NYC Bike Buddy is the ultimate companion for all riders in NYC and wish I’d had this before I CitiBiked over to the meetup. The app helps you find where to go and see how to get there. And even tracks where you’ve been. It also gives you up-to-the minute bike share info and has a reliable search for businesses and addresses – and tells you the best route to get from point A to point B. The CitiBike people need to buy this one – quickly.

Miner is a discovery app that activates personalized mobile storefront based on where you are and what you’re doing, during your visits to businesses, venues and events. It’ll also uncover freebies and prizes hidden somewhere near you.

Magisto is driven by artificial intelligence and simple user experience, Magisto is a cloud-based service for creating and sharing professional-quality personal movies. We’ve covered them in AlleyWatch before.

Learn With Homer is the first comprehensive early reading app crafted by literacy experts. Designed for children from three to six years of age, Homer includes a complete phonics program, a library of beautifully illustrated stories, hundreds of science field trips, and exciting art and recording tools.  Learn with Homer connects learning to read with learning to understand the world.

Locket is disrupting mobile advertising with delightful ads on the smartphone lock screen. Locket is an Android app that delivers ads on your lock screen and pays you just for unlocking your phone. You’ll be making money for doing the same thing you already do a hundred times per day. Not bad – except for the fact that it’s Android only. AlleyWatch has covered this company before.

Tinybop is the first app from Tinybop Explorer’s Library, where the body is brought to life with interactive animations and particle physics for kids ages 4+ can see what we’re made of and how we work, from the beating heart to gurgling guts.

Nudge was developed by Hack of the Month curator Brandon Diamond. Nudge helps you to better stay in touch with friends and family. Separately. You can do a nudge for friends, where you send them an email at the beginning of the month asking what’s up and on the 15th, the program generates and newsletter that sent out so that everyone knows what’s up with everyone else. Same with family. Oh, if you have a friend that you don’t want to expose to everyone else, you can set up a separate nudge for that person. As Diamond noted, “there’s absolutely no way to make money with this project.” Fair enough and as he also noted, “Facebook is where you tell lies to your friends. Twitter is where you tell the truth to strangers.” So, is the idea of nudge to fall somewhere in between? He never did say, actually…

Public Stuff  helps local governments across the US turn civic inquiries (such as spotting a pothole) into tangible community improvements (finally getting the bloody thing properly filled and paved over) by directly connecting people to the proper city representatives/agencies, via the web or the recently released mobile app. The big news of the evening: Public Stuff is now working directly with the city’s 311 line (thanks to NYC Comptroller and Mayoral hopeful John Liu’s office) – and the mobile app is launched. Public Stuff is currently being used in over 50 cities and counting.

WayCount is a hardware and web platform for crowdsourcing automobile and bicycle traffic count data from city streets. You know those weird neoprene squares you see around the city, usually on street corners and such? This is a more portable version of that that you yourself can purchase, for a mere $199, and count automobile and bike traffic yourself. Why would you want to do that, you may ask? According to founder Theodore Ullrich, a guy in Idaho purchased one and used it to count traffic to pinpoint the better side of the road on which to build his gas station. For the record: 147 bicycles per hour cross the Williamsburg Bridge.  The things you learn at a NY Tech Meetup…

Cinematique is the world’s first platform that allows you to explore and shop from the videos you love – or happen to be watching. You simply click on – or in the case of mobile, touch – the items that strike your fancy, and they’re saved for you so that you can go back later and shop or browse.

And the punch line to this month’s joke: How much does a hipster weigh?

An Instagram, and see you October 8th at the next New York Tech Meetup. I’ll be the one toting the bike helmet.

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