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How to Start A Startup Explained…

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So, you’ve decided that you want to be a business owner. Now what? Startups take a lot of hard work and planning to get off the ground, so before doing anything, check out this infographic from Funders and Founders. The diagram walks you through the steps and gives tips on the important things, like generating a unique and marketable idea, and how to proceed if your product doesn’t succeed as you expected it would. Knowing what you’re getting into will help you avoid some of the usual pitfalls and allow you to focus primarily on the success of your startup.



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About the author: Lisa Seylar

Lisa Seylar is a recent graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She is passionate about writing and editing, and she is excited to be currently interning with AlleyWatch to jumpstart her career in copyediting.

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