Kickstarter: The Science of Crowdfunding [Infographic]


Kickstarter averages about 1.1 million viewers per month – no modest number, considering the potential dollars in the hands of each visitor. Kickstarter’s “Crowdfunding” campaigns have revolutionized project funding for a variety of mediums, including music, art, technology and much more. The following infographic by Killer Infographics outlines the history of Crowdfunding from the 1990’s to today; it also illustrates steps that artists or producers must take to see their projects come to fruition, from the inception of their ideas to receiving payment. Is Crowdfunding right for your project?



About the author: Sarah Tibbling

Sarah Tibbling is a recent graduate from William Paterson University where she was the editor-in-chief of the university’s literary magazine, Zeitgeist. She is a copyediting intern for AlleyWatch and enjoys books, cats and the endless social media scroll.

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