The Digital Health Conference Hits NYC November 14-15, with a Healthy Dose of Innovation


New York has been known for being a FinTech, Ad Tech and even Fashion Tech town for some time now. But more and more, the city is taking center stage in the Health Tech arena. Which doesn’t mean that you should go out and launch yet another app that tweets your weight/mileage covered/calories burned every week. We’re way past that and if you need proof, New York now hosts BluePrint Health, Startup Health, the New York Digital Health Accelerator, and come November 14-15, the New York e-Health Collaborative (or ‘NYeC,’ pronounced ‘nice’) is hosting their Digital Health Conference at the Hilton – because they outgrew last year’s venue.

What sets this conference apart is that because NYeC organizes the Digital Health Accelerator, they have an inside perspective on what the industry – meaning health care providers and their customers – actually need. And are actively looking for.


Anuj Desai

“What we’ve seen is that there’s a gap between what the market thinks are the best techs and what are the best, from a customer perspective,” said Anuj Desai, Vice President of Market Development for NYeC, Digital Health Accelerator mentor, Health IT Superconnector and a member of Crain’s Class of 2013’s 40 under 40. “At the accelerator, we brought together 23 provider organizations to mentor startups over nine months, and that’s where we discovered the gap. And over the nine months, we managed to find a happy medium. That’s what we’re bringing to the conference: not the same 50 or so companies you’ve already seen everywhere. We’re looking for innovation: the technologies that are hitting the key pain points for providers and customers. That’s what we want to bring to the conference: technologies that solve problem – and companies that innovate and inspire.  I think we’ve accomplished that.”

Which is the theme of the conference, after all: Showcasing Innovation, Inspiring Change.

“We also had over 300 speakers approach us. We wanted to find the best. I believe we’ve accomplished that, too.

It would seem so. Speakers include the industry thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators who are shaping the future of healthcare through the use of technology, and who have come together to share their thoughts, insights and analysis.

The list includes this year’s PATH Award honoree George C. Halvorson, Chairman, Kaiser Permanente, as well as doctors from Weill Cornell Medical School, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center; Amanda Parsons, MD, MBA, Deputy Commissioner for the Division of Health Care Access and Improvement, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; Deborah Estrin, Professor of Computer Science, Cornell Tech and Co-Founder, Open mHealth, Kabir Kasargod, Director, Business Development, Qualcomm; Lee Stevens, Program Manager, US Department of Health and Human Services, members of NYeC and other health-focused accelerators, and many more, covering topics from Mobile and Telehealth Landscape and Uses, Real Patient Engagement Through Visual Arts (and the uses of 3D printing and Google Glass), to Data Visualization and Design for Behavior Change and Introducing Interoperability into Care Coordination Plans.

The second day of the conference will also feature a lightning round, with four speakers giving ten-minute talks on their visions on future of health care.

“We want to inspire the audience – the creators, the decision-makers and the investors – to think differently about health care,” Desai added. “With advances in health IT, we stand at an unprecedented time for transition and opportunity in healthcare. Providers and health IT professionals are leveraging health data, HIE, EHRs, and mHealth to advance care and improve the patient experience and outcomes in ways we’ve never seen before, and that are exceeding all expectations.”

Another one of the highlights of the conference is the PATH (Promoting Advancement of Technology in Healthcare) Awards. This year’s honorees are George C. Halvorson , Chairman, Kaiser Permanente and Michael J. Critelli, CEO, Dossia. Four additional awardees will be honored for their innovative use of technology.

The exhibition hall is also there for that, showcasing startup innovation – and companies that you might not have an opportunity to see anywhere else.
“We’ve been partnering with different accelerators from around the country and around the world to bring the best in innovation, all in one place,” Desai explained. “There was no shortage of companies: it was just a matter of filtering through them and finding the true innovators and the unique thinkers and creators who are pushing the envelope.”

Health IT has come a long way, and come November, the Digital Health Conference hopes to take it that next major leap forward.

Editor’s note:  AlleyWatch is pleased to be a media partner for the upcoming conference and is offering substantial savings to all readers who sign up by using discount code “AW” at the conference website, Digital Health Conference.


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