The Sales Pitch – It’s About Them Not You



One of the most frequently made mistakes during a sales pitch is when entrepreneurs focus on their own companies rather than on the audience’s problem and the solution. Companies will buy and hire your solutions to their problems, not your products and services.

The first minute of your pitch is critical. If your audience believes you understand their pain and can provide them with a solution, then you’re more likely to gain and keep their attention than if you start by talking about yourself. Always begin by focusing on their problem and your solution, and make that the focus of your pitch.

An opening like the following will immediately get your audience’s attention:

In this presentation, I am going to show you how you can reduce your distribution costs by 35 percent.”

Steve Jobs consistently delivered the best sales pitches the tech world has ever seen at the annual Macworld events because he understood and demonstrated the importance of focusing on customer benefits of Apple’s latest product. A 2007 CNBC interview, asked Jobs about the iPhone and its importance to Apple. Jobs answered

We have the best iPod we’ve ever made fully integrated into it. And it has the Internet in your pocket with a real browser, real email, and the best implementation of Google Maps on the planet. iPhone brings all this stuff in your pocket, and it’s 10 times easier to use.”

Although the reporter’s question was about the importance of iPhone to Apple, Jobs focused on the benefits for Apple’s customers. So always remember that when pitching, it’s about them, not you/

Reprinted by permission.

Image credit: CC by James Ramirez


About the author: Martin Soorjoo

Founder of The Pitch Clinic, Martin Soorjoo is a pitch strategist. He coaches entrepreneurs world-wide, helping them launch and raise funding. Prior to founding The Pitch Clinic, Martin spent 15 years as a former award winning attorney. He has worked with start-ups and investors, including senior investment bankers, venture capitalists and angel investors. During this period Martin raised several million dollars, including negotiating one deal worth $75 Million. This experience has equipped him with unique insights into the challenges start-ups face and how investors make decisions. He is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an expert in body language.

Martin is the author of ‘Here’s the Pitch‘.

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